Incident: JAL B738 at Tokyo on Jul 27th 2020, hydraulic leak

A JAL Japan Airlines Boeing 737-800, registration JA309J performing flight JL-622 from Kumamoto to Tokyo Haneda (Japan) with 55 passengers and 6 crew, was on approach to Tokyo when the crew reported a hydraulic leak and performed a low approach to Haneda’s runway 22. The aircraft subsequently positioned for an approach to runway 23 and landed safely about 28 minutes after the low approach and became disabled. Runway 23 was closed following the landing.

Japan’s Ministry of Transport reported it was confirmed there was a leak from the main landing gear. The crew had advised of a possible hydraulic problem. The aircraft landed safely, the runway needed to be closed until midnight (time of landing at 09:42L/00:42Z).

The runway was actually closed for 2:45 hours until the aircraft had been towed off the runway and the runway had been sweeped.


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