Chinook helicopter hits power line, makes emergency landing in Wales


A Royal Air Force Chinook heavy-lift helicopter has made an emergency landing in Carmarthenshire, Wales.

The Ministry of Defense has reported that the incident happened on Tuesday evening (at 22:30 local time) near Llangynin, and the Chinook crew suffered “minor injuries”.

The WalesOnline also reported that residents of Llangynin village describe being woken with a start when a Chinook helicopter ‘hit power lines’.

The electricity went off and residents rushed to their doorsteps after hearing a ‘blaring’ helicopter noise. It was then that a Royal Air Force Chinook made an emergency landing in a field near the village, apparently after hitting a power line.

Also in social media was released the photo of Chinook helicopter showed damage to the nose and all three front cockpit windows caused by a simultaneous strike of three power cables.

Pam Windsor, a community councillor in Llangynin, said: “We went outside and we could see the Chinook very low, just passing over the village heading towards fields in the distance.

“My son, Alex, and I jumped into his vehicle and headed down there in case of any injuries or anything.

“Luckily they had landed very safely in a field just a few minutes from the village but unfortunate as they had come down they had hit some sort of electric overhead cables.

“We were first on the scene and we spoke to one of the crew members.

“They were very shaken and shocked but all okay as far as we can see.”


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