JetBlue will Test UV Cleaning on Planes Due to Coronavirus

As coronavirus cases continue to skyrocket, a leading airline plans to test an advanced cleaning technology on its planes. JetBlue Airways says it will try out ultraviolet technology to disinfect its aircrafts as a potential response to the COVID-19 crisis. The airline’s president and COO told ABC News that it’s important for passengers to know that the aircrafts they’re traveling on are safe. “We’re going to be looking for how far the UV light can reach,” Joanna Geraghty told ABC. “That’s one of the benefits of light that can reach into places that spraying and other types of technology may not be able to reach.” UV technology is often used to clean hospitals. JetBlue is teaming up with the tech company Honeywell to implement the tests. “It applies UVC light in a very consistent way to all the surfaces inside the airplane – the overhead bins, the seats, the armrest and the window shades,” Mike Madsen, Honeywell Aerospace’s president and CEO, told ABC. The UV machine’s could complete a cleaning job on a plane in about 10 minutes, the company said. UV technology can potentially cause damage to a person’s skin and eye, according to ABC contributor Dr. Jay Bhatt, so it’s important that only the machine’s operators are present during the cleaning process.


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