Woolpert to develop UAS response guidebook for US airports

Woolpert UAS guidebook
The guide book is expected to help airports in working collaboratively to plan for and respond to UAS threats. Credit: Jim Ross, NASA.

The National Safe Skies Alliance has selected Woolpert to develop an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) response guidebook for airports in the US. The National Safe Skies Alliance selected Woolpert through its Program for Applied Research in Airport Security (PARAS). According to the project’s RFP, UAS is identified to be a major concern at airports for federal agencies and the US Congress. The guidebook is expected to help airports in working collaboratively to plan for and respond to UAS threats.As part of the contract, Woolpert will develop strategies for planning, identification and threat assessment, response and recovery, in relation to UAS. In addition, it will address detection system considerations and legal, public policy and regulatory considerations, and offer relevant examples and case studies. It will also prepare a plan for community awareness and prevention. Woolpert Aviation project manager and principal investigator Zachary Shuman said: “UAS present a very real incursion threat for airports and introduces multiple unknowns into the airport environment. “This guidebook needs to be innovative and detailed, providing a consistent framework for airports to immediately, safely and effectively respond to UAS threats, and to work with local law enforcement to clearly define how to plan and identify these threats.” Woolpert, which specialises in UAS aviation, research and application development, has formed an advisory board to provide additional perspective as part of its research process. The production of this guidebook is currently underway and is expected to be completed next year. Safe Skies is a non-profit organisation that works with airports, government and industry to ensure a safe and effective aviation security system. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is funding the Safe Skies programme.

Link: https://www.airport-technology.com/news/woolpert-uas-response-guidebook-for-us-airports/

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