Ukraine Wants ‘Maximum Compensation’ For Downed Boeing Jet

FILE – In this Jan. 8, 2020 file photo, rescue workers search the scene where a Ukrainian plane crashed in Shahedshahr, southwest of Tehran, Iran. (AP Photo/Ebrahim Noroozi, File)

Ukraine’s foreign minister has reiterated his country will make every effort to maximize compensation for a jet that was shot down by Iran in January.

Talks between the two countries began on Thursday. However, the foreign minister has said these efforts will not be easy.

“We have long worked for these negotiations to begin and I welcome the fact that they have finally started,” stated Dmytro Kuleba. “I expect the process isn’t going to be easy, but we are working to achieve the goal: to deliver justice.”

Iran has claimed it mistook the jet for a missile when it fired on the aircraft. Officials have also pointed out it was shot down at a time when tensions with the U.S. were high.

All 176 passengers onboard the jet were killed. Ukraine’s foreign ministry confirmed more details will be reported on Friday.


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