Incident: Yakutia DH8C, Polar AN24 and irAero AN24 at Yakutsk on Jul 30th 2020, TCAS resolutions

A Yakutia de Havilland Dash 8-300, registration VQ-BVI performing flight R3-418 from Ust-Nera to Yakutsk (Russia), was on a visual approach pattern to Yakutsk at 700 meters altitude.

A Polar Airlines Antonov AN-24, registration RA-47353 performing flight RKA-9903 from Khandyga to Yakutsk (Russia), was on a visual approach pattern to Yakutsk at 700 meters when the crews of both aircraft initiated evasive maneouvers due to the loss of separation.

An IrAero Antonov AN-24, registration RA-48096 performing flight IO-9197 from Yakutsk to an unknown destination (Russia), was climbing through 500 meters out of Yaktusk when the Dash 8 still in the first evasive maneouver caused loss of separation with the irAero and prompted further evasive maneouvers.

The two arriving aircraft landed without further incident.

The departing irAero AN-24 was involved in another loss of separation incident 11 minutes later, when a loss of separation occurred with another Yakutia Dash 8-300 registration VP-BNS performing flight R3-424 from Batagay to Yakutsk (Russia) prompting evasive maneouvers.

A WhatsApp message reported that three aircraft of Yakutia, Polar Airlines and IrAero, flight numbers, flight routes, flight numbers etc. unknown, were instructed to maintain the same altitude and nearly collided, all three crews took evasive maneouvers on their own. The head of the Sakha Republic was on board of the Polar Airlines aircraft, the Whatsapp message claimed.

Based on that Social Media Message the Government of the Republic Sakha (Yakutsk is the capital city of Sakha Republic) reported on Aug 1st 2020, they have opened an investigation into a possible near collision between an Yakutia, Polar Airlines and IrAero Aircraft over Yakutsk this morning (Aug 1st 2020) with no further details. The government states, the head of Sakha Republic had not been on that Polar Airlines flight.

The occurrence is currently hitting the headlines in Russia based on the statement of Sakha’s government as a near collision over Yakutsk without details. In unrelated coverages Russian media had reported the head of Sakha Republic had been visiting Khandyga to coordinate works to fight the wildfires in the region and returned to Yakutsk on Jul 30th 2020.

In the evening of Aug 1st 2020 Rosaviatsia released some details (see above) about the occurrence identifying the aircraft VQ-BVI, RA-47353 and RA-48096 to be involved in the occurrence on approach to Yakutsk at 700 meters and 500 meters prompting TCAS resolution advisories. 11 minutes later RA-48096 was involved in another loss of separation and TCAS RA with VP-BNS.


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