Accident: UTAir Cargo AN74 at Gao on Aug 3rd 2020, overran runway on landing

The aircraft at Gao (Photo: Amadou Ndiaye)
The aircraft at Gao (Photo: Amadou Ndiaye)

A UTAir Cargo Antonov AN-74 on behalf and in colours of United Nations MINUSMA operations, registration RA-74044 performing flight UNO-52P from Bamako to Gao (Mali) with 4 passengers and 7 crew, went past the runway while landing at Gao at about 10:15L (10:15Z) coming to a stop on soft ground with all gear collapsed and nose and belly substantially damaged. One occupants received serious, 10 occupants minor injuries, the aircraft sustained substantial damage.

Locals report the aircraft performed a forced landing.

MINUSMA reported the aircraft arriving from Bamako with 7 crew and 4 passengers made a difficult landing at Gao. One occupant received serious injuries, the others minor injuries. The aircraft was substantially damaged.

An airport employee watching the accident reported the aircraft performed an emergency landing and went off the runway.

Local media report the aircraft overran the end of the runway. The pilot received substantial injuries, the others on board minor injuries.

No Metars are available for GAO, the last TAF prior to the accident reads:
GAGO 030500Z 0306/0406 24012KT 8000 SCT025 PROB40 TEMPO 0306/0311 VRB16G26KT 4000 TSRA BKN025 FEW033CB PROB40 TEMPO 0313/0323 VRB16G30KT 4000 TSRA SCT025 FEW033CB=


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