Incident: Jazz CRJ9 near Halifax on Jul 28th 2020, fuel anomalies

A Jazz Canadair CRJ-705, registration C-FKJZ performing flight QK-8011 from St. John’s,NL to Toronto,ON (Canada) with 10 people on board, was enroute at FL380 when the crew received an AUTO XFLOW INHIB message followed by a XFLOW PUMP caution message. The crew worked the checklists to correct a 300lbs fuel imbalance using gravity cross flow. While continuing to monitor the fuel quantities the crew observed the left fuel quantity was reducing more than by the engine fuel burn and consulted with maintenance. When the aircraft was about 160nm north of Halifax,NS (Canada) the crew decided to divert to Halifax where the aircraft landed safely about 30 minutes later.

The Canadian TSB reported maintenance found a fuel quantity gauging computer fault and faulty left hand primary ejector crossfeed fuel line. The faults were corrected.



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