Man found living in Chicago airport for three months ‘due to fear of Covid’

a view of O’Hare International Airport
A California man was arrested after living in a secure part of O’Hare international airport in Chicago for three months because he was scared of coronavirus. Photograph: Kamil Krzaczyński/Reuters

Aditya Singh allegedly stayed in secure area of O’Hare international airport after becoming too afraid to return home to California
A California man was arrested after living in a secure part of O’Hare international airport in Chicago for three months because he was scared of coronavirus.
A man has been living in a secure section of Chicago’s international airport for three months, apparently telling police he was too afraid of coronavirus to return home to Los Angeles, according to multiple reports.
The 36-year-old man, Californian Aditya Singh, was arrested this weekend and charged with criminal trespass to a restricted area of an airport, a felony, and theft, a misdemeanour, the Chicago Tribune reported.
Prosecutors said on Sunday that, according to police, the man arrived on a flight from Los Angeles to O’Hare international airport on 19 October. Nearly three months later, on Saturday afternoon, Singh was approached by two United Airlines employees who asked to see identification. Singh allegedly showed them an airport ID badge that had been reported missing by its owner, an airport operations manager, on 26 October.
Assistant state attorney Kathleen Hagerty told Cook County judge Susana Ortiz that other passengers had been giving food to Singh, who does not have a criminal background. Hagerty said Singh had found the badge in the airport and was “scared to go home due to Covid”.
Ortiz reportedly told the court: “You’re telling me that an unauthorised, non-employee individual was allegedly living within a secure part of the O’Hare airport terminal from 10 October, 2020, to 16 January, 2021, and was not detected? I want to understand you correctly.”
After finding Singh, the United Airlines employees called 911. Police took him into custody on Saturday morning.
Singh has a master’s degree in hospitality, is unemployed and lives with roommates in Orange, Los Angeles, according to assistant public defender Courtney Smallwood.

“The court finds these facts and circumstances quite shocking for the alleged period of time that this occurred,” said Ortiz. “Being in a secured part of the airport under a fake ID badge allegedly, based upon the need for airports to be absolutely secure so that people feel safe to travel, I do find those alleged actions do make him a danger to the community.”
Singh’s bail was set at $1,000. Should he be able to post bail, he is barred from entering the airport.
The Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) said in a statement: “CDA has no higher priority than the safety and security of our airports, which is maintained by a coordinated and multilayered law enforcement network.
“While this incident remains under investigation, we have been able to determine that this gentleman did not pose a security risk to the airport or to the traveling public. We will continue to work with our law enforcement partners on a thorough investigation of this matter.”


Louisville Man Arrested for Laser Strikes on Local Aircraft

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, Louisville Field Office, announces the arrest of Manuel Martin Salazarleija, Jr., age 26, for violating 18 U.S.C 39A, Aiming a Laser at an Aircraft.

On September 25, 2020, a Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) helicopter was performing surveillance of a vehicle fleeing the scene of a pharmacy burglary in Louisville, KY. At approximately 12:15 a.m., while conducting this surveillance, two LMPD officers were temporarily blinded by a laser being pointed directly at the helicopter. Helicopters operated by other law enforcement agencies and a news station also reported being targeted by a laser in the area. Once the location of the beams was discovered on the ground, FBI special agents were able to locate and interview Salazarleija. During the interview, Salazarleija admitted to intentionally aiming the beam of the laser pointer at an LMPD helicopter, while the aircraft was in flight within the special aircraft jurisdiction of the United States.

The public is reminded that this release is not evidence that the individuals discussed committed the crimes charged. All defendants are presumed innocent until the government meets its burden in court of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.


Thieves steal business jet in Mexico, crash in Guatemala

MEXICO CITY (AP) – Thieves stole a business jet from an airport in central Mexico, flew it to Venezuela, apparently loaded it with drugs and then flew to Guatemala where the plane crashed, authorities said Thursday.

Prosecutors in Guatemala said a total of four bodies were found around the site where the BAE 125 jet crashed and burned Wednesday.

The dead could not be immediately identified, but drugs and weapons were found in the burned wreckage of the craft, which authorities referred to as a Hawker 800.

The bizarre round-trip illicit flight began Tuesday in the city of Cuernavaca, just south of Mexico City. The plane had arrived there on Aug. 10 and was parked at a private hangar.

Mexico’s Civil Aviation Agency said three people asked permission to fuel up the jet, purportedly in order to perform maintenance checks on the plane. Then, without permission, they taxied to a runway and took off, without having filled a flight plan.

Authorities tracked the plane as it flew south.

The Guatemalan army said the plane made a stop in Venezuela before entering Guatemala, which borders Mexico. It crashed for unknown reasons.

The drugs found on the plane could theoretically have been aboard since it left Mexico, but there would be little reason to move drugs toward Venezuela, which is a major transit hub for South American cocaine. It was much more likely the drugs were loaded aboard in Venezuela.


US TSA installs acrylic barriers at Las Vegas McCarran Airport

A total of 72 protective barriers were installed at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. Credit : TSA.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the US has installed acrylic barriers at security checkpoints throughout Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS) in Nevada.

The move was part of the agency’s ongoing efforts to reduce Covid-19 contagion risks among airport personnel and passengers.

Overall, 72 acrylic barriers were installed at places where TSA officers usually interact with passengers.

It includes the travel document checkpoints and areas where the passengers prepare their luggage for X-ray screening.

TSA Nevada federal security director Karen Burke said: “The recent addition of clear barriers should instil an additional layer of confidence among travellers departing Las Vegas McCarran International Airport.

“TSA will continue to identify and implement changes to the security checkpoint environment and security procedures to protect the health and wellbeing of the travelling public, our employees and the larger airport community.”

In June, TSA awarded a contract for 1,230 acrylic barriers, which will be installed at 37 priority airports in the US. The installation work is expected to be completed soon.

Next month, new contracts are expected to be awarded to procure additional barriers.

Following the Covid-19 crisis, TSA launched its ‘Stay Healthy. Stay Secure’ campaign in a bid to restrict the spread of the disease.

The campaign encourages social distancing, rigorous cleaning and disinfection of the security checkpoints at the airports, and the use of personal protective equipment by TSA officers.

Earlier this month, TSA started using credential authentication technology (CAT) at Baltimore / Washington International-Thurgood Marshall Airport.

This technology authenticates the identity and confirms the flight information of passengers.


Iran details factors involved in the shootdown of Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752

Type: Boeing 737-8KV (WL) Photographer: © Gilles Brion Registration:UR-PSR Date:23 April 2017 Operator:Ukraine International Airlines Taken at: Genève-Cointrin Airport (GVA/LSGG)
Status:Preliminary – official
Date:Wednesday 8 January 2020
Boeing 737-8KV (WL)
Operator:Ukraine International Airlines
C/n / msn:38124/5977
First flight:2016-06-21 (3 years 7 months)
Engines:CFMI CFM56-7B24E
Crew:Fatalities: 9 / Occupants: 9
Passengers:Fatalities: 167 / Occupants: 167
Total:Fatalities: 176 / Occupants: 176
Aircraft damage:Destroyed
Aircraft fate:Written off (damaged beyond repair)
Location:near Sabashahr (   Iran)
Phase:En route (ENR)
Nature:International Scheduled Passenger
Departure airport:Tehran-Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA/OIIE), Iran
Destination airport:Kiev-Borispol Airport (KBP/UKBB), Ukraine

Ukraine International Airlines flight 752, a Boeing 737-800, crashed near Sabashahr, 7 minutes after takeoff from Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport, Iran. Al 167 passengers and nine crew members on board were killed.
The Boeing 737-800, registration UR-PSR, had landed on schedule at 00:57 hours local time at Tehran. The return leg back to Kiev was due to depart at 05:15 local time (01:45 UTC).

In the meantime, around 02:15 hours local time in Iran, numerous ballistic missiles were fired from Iran towards U.S. bases in Iraq in response to the killing of Major General Qasem Soleimani by a United States drone strike.
As a result this military operation changed the alertness level of Iran’s air defense. At approximately 04:00 the military sector informed the civil sector of the country’s Airspace Control that only the flights already detected and cleared for flight operations by the defense network could be permitted to start up. This would ensure the correct identification of civil flights by the defense network and avoiding targeting them by mistake.

At 05:49 the doors were closed and the aircraft was ready to depart. Two minuts later the flight requested the to start up the engines.

After contacting the Area Control Center, the ATC unit requested clearance for the Ukrainian flight at 05:52. The Area Control Center forwarded the request for flight PS752 to the Air Defense Coordination Center, which subsequently issued the clearance accordingly.

The aircraft then taxied to runway 29R and commenced the takeoff roll at 06:11. After takeoff the flight contacted Mehrabad Radar and was cleared to climb to FL260 and turn right after reaching 6000 feet, heading direct to the PAROT reporting point.
As the aircraft was climbing after departure, it appeared on the air defense system. However, a wrong initialisation procedure of the system’s north alignment had induced a 107-degree error in the system. Thus, the direction of objects and targets detected by this system was being observed with an increase of 107 degrees by the operator.
At 06:13:56, the air defense unit operator detected a target at his 250-degree azimuth, flying on a 52-degree course. At the same time, PS752 had been flying towards the defense system from a 143-degree azimuth. The aircraft was flying a 309-degree course.

At 06:14:21, the operator notified the specifications of the detected target to the Coordination Center over the communication network. The notification was not communicated successfully.

Meanwhile the system operator began analyzing the observable information and categorized the detected target as a threat. At 06:14:41, without receiving any response from the Coordination Center, the air defense unit operator fired a missile at the threatening target he had detected.

Under the applicable procedures, if the defense system operator cannot establish communication with the Coordination Center and does not receive the fire command, they are not authorized to fire.

The missile radio fuse was activated at 06:14:59. At that point flight PS752 was at 8100 feet at a position about 20 km west-northwest of the airport.

After the first missile radio fuse was activated, the air defense unit radar still locked on the target, and the defense system kept detecting and tracking it. By observing the continuity of trajectory of detected target, the second missile was fired at the aircraft by the operator of defense system at 06:15:11.

At 06:45:24, the last communication between the missile and the defense system was recorded in a place close to the aircraft route. After that, the defense system showed a message indicating the strike had failed, with the aircraft clearing from the radar lock-on after some time.

The aircraft turned to the right and about 06:16:11, a fire broke out on the aircraft, which was intensifying. Altitude was lost and at 06:18:23, the aircraft crashed into a playground in Khalajabad near Shahedshahr area, 15 km north of the airport. It disintegrated completely and wreckage was strewn along a 300 m long path.

Accident investigation:

Investigating agency: AAIB Iran 
Status: Investigation ongoing
Accident number: Factual report
Download report: Preliminary report
Classification: Shot down from the ground
Loss of control

METAR Weather report:02:44 UTC / local time:
OIIE 080200Z 28006KT CAVOK M01 / M04 Q1021

Photos of Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-8KV (WL) UR-PSR:

Type: Boeing 737-8KV (WL) Photographer: © Arno Janssen; Registration: UR-PSR Date: 25 March 2018 Operator: Ukraine International Airlines Taken at: Düsseldorf International Airport (DUS/EDDL)


Pengangkutan Barang Berbahaya Harus Dilakukan Secara Baik Dan Benar

Pengangkutan Barang Berbahaya Harus Dilakukan Secara Baik dan Benar
Ketua KNKT Dr.Ir. Soerjanto Tjahjono (dok-BN) — Ketua KNKT Dr.Ir. Soerjanto Tjahjono mendesak Pemeriah dan operator transportasi untuk menegakkan aturan, dalam menangani dan mengangkut barang berbahaya dan beracun.  Aturan international khususnya ICAO untuk matra udara dan IMO untuk matra laut sudah mengatur, bagaimana menangani barang berbahaya khususnya dalam proses pengangkutan.

“Satu kasus (barang berbahaya) yang perlu ditangani khusus antara lain Air Raja. Itu barang kimia yang sangat merusak, bahkan besi pun bisa kerpos dan bolong jika terpapah Air Raja,” kata Soerjanto menjawab disela-sela Persiapan Radin KNKT Tahun 2020, Kamis (6/8/2020) malam.

Air Raja, lanjut dia, kini makin  banyak digunakan termasuk di industri pertambangan di Indonesia. Potensi pengangkutan barang berbahaya itupun makin besar, sehingga harus diawasi ketat agar tidak menimbulkan dampak negatif bagi manusia di sekitarnya. 

“Bagaimana menangani dan menempatkan barang berbahaya di kendaraan harus jelas dan mengikuti aturan yang sudah berlaku,” pinta Soerjanto

Menurutnya,  KNKT pernah menemukan dan melakukan investigasi  kasus tersebut. Ada truk membawa Air Raja dalam jerigen plastik, kemudian tumpah dan mengenai badan truk yang mengangkutnya. “Akibatnya luar biasa, chasis truk bisa langsung bolong karenanya, bahkan mengenai deck kapal roro yang mengangkutnya,” jelas Soerjanto lagi.

Kasus itu terjadi di lintasan penyeberangan Merak-Bakauheni menjelang perhelatan ASEAN Games 2018 silam.   “Ada truk membawa Air Raja, tapi tidak dilaporkan dalam manives dan tidak ditangani secara benar. Padahal, Air Raja itu sangat berbahaya apalagi kalau sampai mengenai tubuh manusia,” kilah Soerjanto.

Ketentuan ICAO dan IMO

Sebelumnya, dalam forum webinar yang dihelat CSAS Indonesia akhir pekan lalu, Soerjanto memaparkan panjang dan terinci mengenai manives barang dan orang serta proses penanganan barang berbahaya di dalam pesawat terbang. 

“Barang berbahaya seperti Air Raja  atau bahan kimia atau peledak jika akan diangkut dengan pesawat terbang butuh penanganan ekstra. Tidak boleh dicampur dengan barang lain, apalagi penumpang. Selain itu, barang tersebut harus masuk dan dilaporkan dalam manives penumang dan barang,” terang Soerjanto.

Di dunia international, khususnya ICAO dan IMO sudah ada ketentuan khusus bagaimana menangani barang berbahaya tersebut. Aturan itu sudah berlaku di dunia international. “Jika semua ihak menepati dan memberlakukan ketentuan yang berlaku,” maka potensi kecelakaan sampai menimbulkan korban jiwa bisa dihindari,” terang Soerjanto.

Dia menambahkan, KNKT mendesak semua pihak peduli terutama operator transportasi dan juga pemilik serta pihak pengangkut untuk jujur melaporkan barang berbahaya yang diangkut. Selain itu, prosedur penanganan barang berbahaya itu dilakukan secara baik sesuai prosedur yang berlaku,”  tegas Soerjanto.(helmi)


Alabama woman cited after bringing two handguns on airplane

  • The guns were a beige .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun and a purple .38 caliber revolver. Both weapons were not loaded.

NORFOLK, Va. (WWBT) – The Transportation Security Administration says an Alabama woman was stopped and cited for bringing two handguns onto an airplane at Norfolk International Airport.

On Aug. 4, TSA officers notified airport police after the guns were detected in the woman’s carry-on items through the checkpoint X-ray machine.

Alabama woman cited after bringing two handguns on airplane
The guns were a beige .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun and a purple .38 caliber revolver. Both weapons were not loaded. (Source: TSA)

The guns were a beige .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun and a purple .38 caliber revolver. Both weapons were not loaded.

Airport police responded and confiscated both weapons and detained the woman for questioning.

The TSA says the woman was cited on weapons charges.

Passengers are permitted to travel with firearms in checked baggage if they are properly packaged and declared.

Firearms must be unloaded, packed in a hard-sided case, locked, and packed separately from ammunition.

Firearm possession laws vary by state and locality.


Australian pilot of crashed plane charged in PNG

A man has been charged with illegally entering PNG after a plane crash-landed near Port Moresby.

An Australian pilot has been charged with illegally entering Papua New Guinea after a plane he allegedly flew from Queensland crash-landed near Port Moresby in unexplained circumstances.

The pilot, named as David John Cutmore by PNG newspaper The National, is being interviewed by Australian Federal Police in the PNG capital after Sunday’s crash.

Prime Minister James Marape earlier this week said PNG police believed drug trafficking may be behind the clandestine flight.

The flight out of Mareeba airport in far north Queensland ended near a recently cleared bush airstrip 30km west of Port Moresby, with the twin-engined Cessna 402C written off.

PNG Acting Chief Migration Officer Robert Kennedy told The National Mr Cutmore had been charged with illegal entry under the country’s Migration Act.

“Police are now conducting a separate investigation on him which may involve illegal activities,” Mr Kennedy said, adding that Mr Cutmore was not carrying a passport.

PNG police were notified on Tuesday Mr Cutmore had turned himself in at the Australian High Commission.

In a statement on Thursday, the AFP said it was working with PNG police to “investigate the circumstances around the crash” and those investigations were ongoing.

Commenting on the incident earlier this week Mr Marape said PNG was “not a banana republic” where people could just fly in unannounced.

“There is no room for those who think they could peddle drugs in PNG,” he said.

Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has told AAP it was providing consular assistance “to an Australian man in Papua New Guinea”.

“Owing to our privacy obligations, we will not provide further comment.”

An aircraft register search shows the plane’s owner as of January this year was Ravenpol No. 69, based in Port Moresby, while the operator was named as Alice Springs-based aviation company Avlease.

But Avlease director Ian Scheyer told the ABC his company had never operated the plane and was shocked it was listed on Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s register.


Ukraine Wants ‘Maximum Compensation’ For Downed Boeing Jet

FILE – In this Jan. 8, 2020 file photo, rescue workers search the scene where a Ukrainian plane crashed in Shahedshahr, southwest of Tehran, Iran. (AP Photo/Ebrahim Noroozi, File)

Ukraine’s foreign minister has reiterated his country will make every effort to maximize compensation for a jet that was shot down by Iran in January.

Talks between the two countries began on Thursday. However, the foreign minister has said these efforts will not be easy.

“We have long worked for these negotiations to begin and I welcome the fact that they have finally started,” stated Dmytro Kuleba. “I expect the process isn’t going to be easy, but we are working to achieve the goal: to deliver justice.”

Iran has claimed it mistook the jet for a missile when it fired on the aircraft. Officials have also pointed out it was shot down at a time when tensions with the U.S. were high.

All 176 passengers onboard the jet were killed. Ukraine’s foreign ministry confirmed more details will be reported on Friday.


Man removed from Delta flight after mask dispute

DETROIT – Todd Benson and his family witnessed turbulence before their flight could even take off from Aruba to Atlanta.

“It was shameful behavior. He was yelling, I have it on I have it on, and he was talking about his mask. The Delta flight attendant was requesting that he put it on properly,” said Benson.

Apparently this man was kicked off the plane following a meltdown — all over being asked to correct his mask.

“Moments later, he’s threatening her. ‘I’m gonna beat you up’ or something along that lines. And I thought that was completely inappropriate. He was saying he was gonna somehow get her fired,” Benson added.

After trying to talk to the pilot and returning to his seat, Benson says the outrageous behavior continued — this time towards other passengers.

“As he was leaving the most graphic language that you could possibly imagine just came spewing out of his mouth and I wish we all could have just covered our ears,” Benson Recalled.

As he’s escorted out, other passengers rejoice.